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   Vests with an individually designed printed image are available
   in two standard types. They are usually used as starting plastrons
   in sports or during protest strikes. 

Thanks to the applied manufacturing material, the vests are very durable and easy to clean whereas the available printing technologies (digital printing, silk-screen printing, dye-sublimation printing) guarantee an unlimited range of  visual effects.

80cm x 70cm

Starting plastrons:
40cm x 30cm

Other sizes available on request.

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Starting vests
Starting vests
Protest vests
Starting vests
Advertising vest
Digital printing
A cost-effective printing method where graphic images are transferred from a computer file directly to the printing machine. It allows to print one-off  items as well as long series.
Materials:  jetflag, jetbanner
Silk-screen printing
A printing method where colours are applied onto the fabric using specially prepared stencils and woven meshes. It proves most cost-effective for long series of items.
Materials:  jetflag
Dye-sublimation printing
A full-colour printing technology based on high-temperature dye transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage and its simultaneous application onto the fabric. Usually used on small-sized items.
Materials:  jetflag, jetbanner
Jetflag (supralon)
Most frequently used fabric, characterised by average wind resistance.
Weight: 110 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability
Transparency: high
Print-through level: very good

Printing technology:  screen printing, dye-sublimation printing, digital printing.
The material allows to receive the most interesting graphic effects.

Weight: 220 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability
Transparency: very small
Print-through level: very poor
bardzo słaby

Printing technology: digital printing, dye-sublimation printing
Thick fabric of texture similar to felt.
Weight: 150 g/mkw
Transparency: very poor
Print-through level: none

Printing technology: silk-screen printing, dye-sublimation printing

This product does not require the use of special accessories.



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