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   Our parasols, a practical protection from the sun, to be used - as required
   – in private or restaurant gardens, are equipped with an octagonal canopy
   and a base suited to the parasol's size and weight. 

Details of a printed image depend on a design specification provided or requested by the client.

Garden parasols, small
height – adjustable
diameter – 200cm (8 panels)

Restaurant parasols, large
height – 300cm
diameter – 400cm (8 panels), round or square

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Example  |  Garden parasol

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Restaurant parasol
Restaurant parasol
Garden parasol

Restaurant parasol

Restaurant parasol


Digital printing
A cost-effective printing method where graphic images are transferred from a computer file directly to the printing machine. It allows to print one-off  items as well as long series.
Materials:  jetflag
Silk-screen printing
A printing method where colours are applied onto the fabric using specially prepared stencils and woven meshes. It proves most cost-effective for long series of items.
Materials:  trilobe

Fabric of delicate, silver sheen.
Weight: 125-140 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1
non-flammability, water resistance
Transparency: average
Print-through level: good

Printing technology: screen printing
Jetflag (supralon)
Most frequently used fabric,
characterised by average wind
Weight: 110 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1
Transparency: high
Print-through level: very good

Printing technology: digital printing,
screen printing


Plastic, water-filled base
Concrete base
         in vector format
         File: PDF, 74 kB   

  Warranty (Polish)
         Polyester flag quality
         File: PDF, 73 kB   

  Maintenance (Polish)
        File: PDF, 74 kB