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Nonwoven fence wrap

   A light and cost-effective advertising medium, provided in rolls of  
   300 running meters, that can be attached to frames and  
   constructions of various types. It is most frequently used during  
   sports competitions, exhibitions and in restaurant gardens. 

This advertising product is made of nonwoven fabric allowing silk-screen printing of all sorts of images. Details of a printed image depend on a design specification provided or requested by the client.

Height up to 180cm
Printed images must form a repeated module of maximum size of: 180x400cm
Minimum number of modules: 100
walls, fences, banner frames, metal barriers


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Example  |  Roll-up fence wrap


Usage        Indoor  |  Outdoor               Summer 

Cycling competitions
Oad Riz
Cycling competitions
Tennis Amersfoort
Fixed on the fence
Fixed on the fence


Silk-screen printing
A printing method where colours are applied onto the fabric using specially prepared stencils and woven meshes. It proves most cost-effective for long series of items.
Materials:  nonwoven

Thick fabric of texture similar to felt.
Weight: 150 g/mkw
Transparency: very poor
Print-through level: none

Printing technology: silk-screen printing

Sandows system

  Warranty (Polish)
         Polyester flag quality
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