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National flags

   Most popular national flags, such as the flags of European Union,  
   Poland or our neigbouring countries are available on the spot.  
   Less popular flags, such as Burkina Faso, Napal or the Faroe Islands  
   are made to order within a few days  

Ongoing cooperation with the Heraldic Institute and independent
experts allows us to ensure correct print specification even on
non-standard formats.
Flag sizes
Available in unlimited range. Most popular sizes include: Polish flag - 15x24cm, 100x160cm
European Union flag: 15x24cm, 90x60cm, 100x150cm

Flag types
horizontal and vertical - mounted on stationary, portable or wall flagpoles
table flags, banners

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3-D Model  |  European Union Flag on a standard pole

Usage        Indoor  |  Outdoor              Summer  |  Winter

EU member countries flags
on standard aluminium flagpoles
National  flags
on facade masts
Poland table flag
on mini-office mast
National flags
mounted on a street lamp
National wall-flags
on plastic poles
Digital printing
A cost-effective printing method where graphic images are transferred from a computer file directly to the printing machine. It allows to print one-off  items as well as long series.
Materials:  jetflag, jetbanner, satin, polystretch
Silk-screen printing
A printing method where colours are applied onto the fabric using specially prepared stencils and woven meshes. It proves most cost-effective for long series of items.
Materials:  supralon, raytex, trilobe, ponge, spun, satin, polystretch
Flag sewing
A traditional flag making method perceived as the most highly esteemed way of making national flags. Currently being ousted by cheaper printing techniques. In our company flag sewing is available only for very simple designs (eg. Polish, German, Russian flags)
Materials: jetflag, jetbanner, satin
Jetflag (supralon)
Most frequently used fabric, characterised by average wind resistance.
Weight: 110 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability
Transparency: high
Print-through level: very good

Printing technology: screen printing, dye-sublimation printing, digital printing, sewing
Fabric of texture similar to canvas.
Weight: 155-170 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability, water-resistance
Transparency: average
Print-through level: very good

Printing technology: screen printing, dye-sublimation printing
The cheapest of all available fabrics.
Weight: 70-90 g/mkw
Transparency: average
Print-through level: very good
Fabric used only in very large orders (long series).

Printing technology: screen printing

Glossy fabric of very delicate weave.
Weight: 120-180 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability, water-resistance
Transparency: low
Print-through level: poor

Printing technology: screen printing, dye-sublimation printing, digital printing



Fixed base flagpoles
Heights: 5-12m, 4 basic versions
Portable flagpoles
Various types: telescopic, beachflag, snowflag, drop
Wall-mounted bracket
Usage: staffs,
Usage: hand and wallflags
Plastic mounting band
Usage: hooks, masts
Office stands 
Usage: office flags
Metal bracket
Usage: facade masts, staffs
Facade bracket
Usage: facade poles
Office mini-flagpoles
Usage: office flags
Polyamid mounting band
Usage: hooks flagpoles


  Polish National Flag   (Polish)
File: PDF, 2417kB
  Flags of the World
National flags with icons
File: PDF, 4100kB 
Official rules of national flag exposure prepared by Polish Heraldic Association
File: PDF, 761 kB   

Quality warranty (flags)
File: PDF, 73 kB   
File: PDF, 74 kB