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Telephone us (032) 453 01 04-06

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

An order can be placed by e-mail to office@flagi.pl
or by fax sent to +48 32 4530107

An order should include:

  • subject of an order (flag, flagpole, etc.). In case of a flag in vector graphics, the preferred flag finishing type, as well as colours in one of the following colour systems: Pantone, RAL or HKS.
  • quantity
  • dimensions (height)
  • price (if a price estimate has already been made)
  • invoice data,
  • shipping address
  • contact person with a telephone number
  • type of payment (if previously agreed)


To ensure good print quality, a graphic file should have the following parameters:

  • Resulting file saved as PDF format (scale 1:1, 1:10, 1:100), no crop-trimm marks, no additional descriptions, no flatten layers, no confection drawings.
  • The size of the PDF page equally to the printing nett size.
  • Fonts converted to vectors.
  • Safe colored elements size 1 mm (scale 1:1).
  • Safe white elements size 2 mm (scale 1:1).
  • Bitmaps embedded to the file (not linked to the external source), in the CMYK space, no ICC profiles.
  • Minimum resolution for bitmaps: 72 dpi (skala 1:1).
  • Colors of texts and other vector objects specified in the CMYK space, PMS scale Coated or Uncoated option,  RAL scale.
  • Keep important elements of the layout min. 2,3 cm to the edge
  • No overprinted fills or outlines.


Get a product quote

Get a price estimate within 1 hour!

Please, use the provided sales forms, available on our website, and within 1 hour you will get a price estimate for the described product.




Valuation performed on working days, from 8.00 to 16.00


How to place an order

Standard orders

In case of standard orders, its enough to provide the required information (as specified in our FAQ section) by e-mail to office@flagi.pl or by fax to +48 32 45 30 107.

Non-standard orders

In case of non-standard orders, please contact
our Customer Service Centre

Tomasz Kiełkowski
Sales Specialist
tel. +48 608 63 94 80