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Display stands

   A portable advertising system intended for indoor advertising, whose  
   delicate and slender appearance is achieved by a combination of   
    a light aluminium frame with a stable base.  

It is light and modern looks that make our display stands stick out from other banner-based advertising systems. Quick and easy put-up, as well as large size of the advertising surface are its additional advantages. Small size after roll-up make our display stands easy to transport, whereas a cross or square-shaped base guarantees good stability of the system. 

Size of a printed image

single-sided or double-sided system


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3-D Model  |  Display stand cross with double sided design.

Exposure         Indoor


Display stand, single-sided
Display stand, single-sided
Display stand, double-sided
Display stand, single-sided
Display stand, single-sided
Frame view


Digital printing
A cost-effective printing method where graphic images are transferred from a computer file directly to the printing machine. It allows to print one-off  items as well as long series.
Materials:  frontlit, blockout, mesh, jetflag, jetbanner, satin, polystretch
Silk-screen printing
A printing method where colours are applied onto the fabric using specially prepared stencils and woven meshes. It proves most cost-effective for long series of items.
Materials:  frontlit, blockout, spun, satin, polystretch
Dye-sublimation printing
A full-colour printing technology based on high-temperature dye transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage and its simultaneous application onto the fabric. Usually used on small-sized items.
Materials:  jetflag, jetbanner, satin
Jetflag (supralon)
Most frequently used fabric, characterised by average wind resistance.
Weight: 110 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability
Transparency: high
Print-through level: very good

Printing technology: digital printing, silk-screen printing, dye-sublimation printing
Glossy fabric of very delicate weave.
Weight: 120-180 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability, water-resistance
Transparency: low
Print-through level: poor

Printing technology: digital printing, silk-screen printing, dye-sublimation printing
The material allows to receive the most interesting graphic effects.
Weight: 220 g/mkw
Available certifications: B1 non-flammability
Transparency: very small
Print-through level: very poor
bardzo słaby

Printing technology: digital printing, dye-sublimation printing


Portable fold-up frame
  light frame made of aluminium
Usage: indoor
Usage: indoor
flat base
Facilitates transport of the advertising system


  Warranty (Polish)
         quality warranty
         Kile: PDF, 73 kB   

  Display stand
         fold-up manual
         File: PDF, 81 kB