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About us

   More than 10 years of market experience make  
   Flagowa Kraina Sp. z o.o. 
a reliable business partner  
   guaranteeing the highest quality of all
products on offer  

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About Us

Flagowa Kraina has been active in the Polish market for more than 10 years, with our core business concentrating on production and sales of flags, banners, flagpoles and other advertising media. Over this time we have become one of the largest and most experienced Polish companies in this field.

In 2006 Flagowa Kraina became a part of the multinational Faber Group, a manufacturer of flags and other advertising media of worldwide reputation. Joining Faber Group stimulated dynamic development of Flagowa Kraina, generated investments in new production technologies as well as opening totally new markets to our products.


The beginning of our business activity as Flagowa Kraina Sp. z o.o. The company employed 15 people who printed flags manually, in a rented production hall.


Flagowa Kraina, as a result of its dynamic development, moved to a new premises including three large production halls.


Large-scale investments into production equipment to replace the technologically obsolete machinery, including  the purchase of a brand new production line for silk screen printing, new tunnel dryers and new equipment for the laundry.


Further development and refurbishment of our production lines thanks to the equipment purchased from a closed down Norwegian company.


All production halls were integrated into one production complex and the office buildings were added.


Flagowa Kraina Sp. z o.o.  became a part of the Dutch Faber Group which massively extended the available market and gave us access to the latest technological developments in the field.


Continuous modernization of our production lines and progressive shift towards digital printing pose a reaction to current market requirements. All decisions concerning investments into silk-screen-printing are currently taken by the management of the entire Faber Group, which reflects the  intention to maximise and efficiently exploit the potential of all companies within the Group.

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